Excellent compilation of (mostly) ITF Taekwon-Do sparring

I was perusing Google+ today. I only started started using it recently, but I’m already becoming quite a big fan. I find it to be an excellent place for meeting up with like-minded people, and much more useful than Facebook for finding things that you are interested in. Facebook seems to me to be a […]

Two Worst Martial Arts Techniques Ever?

I was just browsing YouTube today looking for inspiration for my next blog post and I came across a goodie! This guy demonstrates the two worst martial arts techniques he’s ever been exposed to. The first one is a bit dull, but the second one is just brilliant. I’m going to start teaching it tomorrow. […]

Gain Victory With A Single Blow?

One of the reasons the ITF Taekwon-Do belt is tied around only once (as opposed to twice, which is standard in many martial arts) is to represent the ability of the trained Taekwon-Doin to “gain victory in a single blow.” Well what does this mean? Does this really mean you can defeat an opponent with […]

Taek Kyon – The Origin of Taekwon-Do

You may or may not know, but Taekwon-Do is a relatively modern martial art, having been developed and formalised only in the middle of last century. It has its basis in Karate which General Choi learned in Japan, but also in the ancient Korean martial art/game of Taek Kyon. (If you don’t want to read […]

Think You Might Be Too Old For Taekwon-Do?

I know that I sometimes moan about my “old” body when I train. And I’ve got a few students who are older than me too. But I’ve never had a 77 year old student. This 77 year old martial artist is truly inspirational. And fit! And tapping out double kicks! I don’t think I can […]